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Hello, my daughter is in 10th grade but she is 15. She has her learner’s permit for driving, not sure if that makes a difference. I was wondering if there is a way for her to take advantage of this program despite her age?2020-11-18T15:12:48-05:00

All requirements must be met in order to apply; the minimum age is 16.

One of my AFJROTC cadets is having issues completing his application. Since he is a high school student, he is not a part of ROTC, Guard, or Reserve. When he selects “none,” he is redirected back to the application and cannot submit it.2021-01-14T10:08:22-05:00

Please try again and consider using another browser or changing your browser setting if problem persists.

I’m an AFJROTC senior instructor and this looks like a great opportunity for my cadets so I’d like more information about it. Is this related to the Air Force Flight Academy? It appears that the application process is different. What is the cost of this program? Is the end goal a private pilot’s license, or to solo, or just to get in some flights or other training?2020-12-03T13:09:41-05:00

This program is a solo flight academy put on by AFRS Det 1 and is different from the AFJROTC flight academy. This is a scholarship and free of charge for selected students. If you need more information, please send inquiries to: afrs.DET1.flight@us.af.mil.

I will be at Aviano AFB in Italy during the dates of the academy. Will airfare to the states be provided in the scholarship?2020-11-18T15:11:56-05:00

As it currently stands, only CONUS (Continental United States) student travel is covered.

I’m homeschooled. How does the nomination from my school staff work?2021-09-14T15:52:01-04:00

Your homeschool instructor should fill out the nomination. If you have questions contact AFRS Det 1 at email: afrs.det1.flight@us.af.mil

I accidentally submitted my application twice.2021-01-14T10:05:06-05:00

We will delete the duplicate application.

Does my GPA have to be 3.0 when I apply or do I have time to raise it as long as it is 3.0 before the start of the program?2021-01-14T10:01:59-05:00

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at time you submit your application.

I think there is a lot of potential to possibly make this program open to enlisted Airman but I see it is offered to what seems like everyone except enlisted?2021-09-14T15:53:34-04:00

Please refer to the AIM HIGH Flight Academy Application form for eligibility requirements.  Additionally, Enlisted personnel should look into Rated Preparatory Program (RPP) at (https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/11/18/air-force-will-now-offer-enlisted-troops-path-pilot-training.html) which may meet your needs; reference PSDM 20-96.

We at Porterville Military Academy have students that are all California Cadets. We also have an Aviation Pathway in which we are using the AOPA High School STEM curriculum. We are very interested in having our cadets take part in your program. Do they have to be Air Force Cadets?2021-09-14T15:54:23-04:00

Please refer to the AIM HIGH Flight Academy Application form for eligibility requirements.

We have an aspiring aviator in our AFJROTC program that has a current application for the JROTC Flight Academy and is also interested in applying for this program in the event that he is not selected for the JROTC Flight program. The candidate received communication from AFRS Flight Academy concerning his interest in the AIM HIGH program and indicated that an application will be provided through JROTC. Just following up on this to ensure that this is a dual path to being selected and that AIM HIGH will be a separate application process2020-12-18T16:00:55-05:00

Aim High will be a separate application.

Will there be future AHFAs besides the one in 2021?2020-12-18T15:49:50-05:00

Yes, AHFA will continue through 2025!

Hello, my daughter filled out the preliminary website application. When should she expect further information?2020-12-29T16:45:25-05:00

AFRS Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

If I attend this camp, am I obligated to serve in the Air Force?2021-01-13T16:38:39-05:00

There is no service obligation with AHFA.

How do training times work? Will they be after school for most people or on the weekends? Where do the trainings take place? I want to apply but I am worried that this will interfere with other activities I do outside of school.2021-01-14T10:33:27-05:00

AHFA will be a full, everyday, 3 week program at the AMS training site (Milton, FL) during one of the three time-lines identified on this website.

At the end of the flight academy, do you get your private pilot license?2021-01-14T10:34:38-05:00

No; you will receive up to 15 hours flight training under Part 61. A private pilot license will require additional training beyond this program. 

If accepted into the program, will those selected be able to choose which session they are able to attend?2021-01-14T10:37:49-05:00

AFRS Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

How do I apply?2020-11-18T15:15:17-05:00

The application form can be accessed on the website menu. Choose “Application Process” to begin the process.

Is there anyway that I can still submit an application for this program in 2021. I recently found out about this program and feel that I will be an excellent fit for it. I have above 4.0 GPA, many extracurricular activities and I am very enthusiastic about aviation.2021-02-04T13:51:50-05:00

Unfortunately, the 2021 window has closed; the 2022 window will open this fall/winter.

I followed the application though the JROTC website. Does that mean I applied for the JROTC flight academy? If so what do I need to differently to finish applying for AIM HIGH? Thanks for your help2021-02-04T13:52:26-05:00

This application is for the AHFA only.

I have started on the second step of the application on wings and it asks for flight academy applicant ID and a Unit number where would I find these?2021-02-04T13:53:10-05:00

Please email the AFRS Org Box at afrs.DET1.flight@us.af.mil 

I recently graduated from college and am 21 years old. Can I still qualify to apply for this program when it opens up?2021-02-04T13:53:58-05:00

Unfortunately you do not meet the requirements as you have graduated from college.

I would like a status update on my application2021-09-14T15:55:18-04:00

All selected applicants will be notified.

What is the age requirement for students?2021-09-14T15:58:12-04:00

Academy applicants between 16 and 23 years of age.  Please refer to the AIM HIGH Flight Academy Application form for requirements.

Is it okay to enter as a rising freshman?2021-03-18T13:11:59-04:00

Yes as long as you meet all the listed requirements.

How many training academies are there?2020-11-18T15:15:57-05:00

Three trainings will run in the summer of 2021, each with 24 students.

Where is AIM HIGH Flight Academy?2020-11-18T15:18:17-05:00

AIM HIGH Flight Academy is located in Milton, Florida, at Peter Prince Field, about 30 miles outside of Pensacola, Florida. It is within one hour driving from Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field, Florida.

What type of aircraft is used for training?2020-11-18T15:17:57-05:00

Students will train in a Cessna 172L/M/N, at a ratio of one aircraft to four students.

For planning consideration, what time will students be released on the last day of the program? What day and time will students be taken to the airport?2021-09-14T15:59:29-04:00

The AIM Hight Flight Academy staff will inform all the students of pertinent information via AHFA Newsletter, telecons, etc.,

Is food included while I’m at AIM HIGH Flight Academy?2020-11-18T15:17:27-05:00

Yes, meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinners, as well as snacks. Dietary restrictions should be noted on your application.

My wife and I are currently in college and in the Air Force reserve. We are interested in the program. When can we apply and how can we do so? She turns 24 next week and I turn 24 in September.2021-04-27T12:21:05-04:00

You will not be eligible to participate in the AHFA; however, you may qualify to participate in another USAF program called RPP.

Where will students be housed?2020-11-18T15:17:06-05:00

All attendees for the AIM HIGH Flight Academy are lodged at a hotel within ten miles of the airfield.

When is the application deadline?2021-01-14T09:52:51-05:00

The deadline is December 31.

How much does it cost to apply?2020-11-18T15:16:21-05:00

There is no fee to apply, however applications will require a nomination from your school staff, GPA verification, and one character reference.

I am currently active duty for the Air Force and was wondering if I am eligible for this program?2021-09-14T16:01:49-04:00

Please refer to the AIM HIGH Flight Academy Application form for eligibility requirements.

I got a confirmation from the website my application was received. What is the next step in the application process? When should I expect to be notified to submit the rest of the application materials such as the letter of recommendation and additional info?2020-11-18T15:13:37-05:00

Recommending organizations or the Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

Is there a possibility of applying if my 16th birthday is June 16th?2021-09-14T16:03:01-04:00

Unfortunately you will have to wait to apply for future academies as you must be between 16 by 1 Jun in the year of the desired AHFA.

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