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One of my AFJROTC cadets is having issues completing his application. Since he is a high school student, he is not a part of ROTC, Guard, or Reserve. When he selects “none,” he is redirected back to the application and cannot submit it.2021-01-14T10:08:22-05:00

Please try again and consider using another browser or changing your browser setting if problem persists.

I’m an AFJROTC senior instructor and this looks like a great opportunity for my cadets so I’d like more information about it. Is this related to the Air Force Flight Academy? It appears that the application process is different. What is the cost of this program? Is the end goal a private pilot’s license, or to solo, or just to get in some flights or other training?2020-12-03T13:09:41-05:00

This program is a solo flight academy put on by AFRS Det 1 and is different from the AFJROTC flight academy. This is a scholarship and free of charge for selected students. If you need more information, please send inquiries to: afrs.DET1.flight@us.af.mil.

I will be at Aviano AFB in Italy during the dates of the academy. Will airfare to the states be provided in the scholarship?2020-11-18T15:11:56-05:00

As it currently stands, only CONUS (Continental United States) student travel is covered.

I’m homeschooled. How does the nomination from my school staff work?2021-09-14T15:52:01-04:00

Your homeschool instructor should fill out the nomination. If you have questions contact AFRS Det 1 at email: afrs.det1.flight@us.af.mil

My son is a High School student that is applying for the Air Force Aim High Academy. Regarding the Nominating Organization, how do we ask any of these organizations to nominate him if he not yet involved with any of these organizations?2021-10-28T13:57:25-04:00

We recommend that you meet with the organization representative in your local area and ask for an interview with them.

I am part of my high-school’s Army JROTC program, would I have my commander fill out the portion of the application for the Air Force JROTC or just skip that part of the application?2021-10-28T13:58:17-04:00

Your Army JROTC commander can be your nominating official on behalf of Army JROTC. You would still need a high school principal or counselor recommendation as well.

Currently I am homeschooled. What would like in lue of the High School recommendation and proof of academic standing?2021-10-28T13:58:39-04:00

For those who are homeschooled, your instructor may certify your GPA is correct and provide a recommendation.

I have a few enlisted folks, who are sensor operators, interested in applying to the program. I just want to confirm all that is required from them is their recommendation from the squadron commander, their GPA (high school or college), and application? I look forward to hearing from you.2021-10-28T14:00:15-04:00

Yes, that is correct

Good Evening, I am in the Air National Guard and i got a notification about this amazing opportunity. I am a loadmaster working on my bachelors degree. My dream is to be a pilot in the air force. I read the requirements for applying for this program and meet all except for age. I joined the air force when i was 23 and turned 25 this year. Can i get this age requirement waived, if i got my commander’s approval? Is there anything you can advise? Any slight chance of getting accepted i will try. Thank you2021-10-28T14:05:13-04:00

Unfortunately, the age limit for this program in non-waiverable at 23. I recommend you look into the Rated Preparatory Program (RPP) for more flying opportunities for enlisted members!

I have a 12 year old who has wanted to fly since he could talk. We are currently taking flight lessons for him to log hours towards getting his license at 17. After his 3rd meeting he will be joining the Civil Air Patrol and one of the guys there was telling me about the Aim High Academy. Is there a week long program for a child his age? Or do you have to be 16? Thank you2021-10-28T14:08:59-04:00

Unfortunately, the current minimum age for AHFA is 16. Please keep tracking AHFA and apply when he is 16.

How do I complete the initial application process? Do I have to print it, sign it, and scan it back in, or is it all digitally completed?2021-10-28T14:09:53-04:00

You must download, complete, sign, scan, and submit the application on the AHFA website.

I am a senior in high school. Can I have my manager at my current employer or a teacher be a reference in addition to the principle? I just want to ensure my application is complete. thanks.2021-10-28T14:10:42-04:00

Unfortunately, we can only accept nominations from nationally recognized leadership or aviation focused organizations or one of our partner organizations.

Is there a choice between the 3 academies. My son is in still in school (HS goes til the 3rd week in June) in NY for the first session but would love to participate in the 2nd or 3rd session. Thanks for your reply.2021-10-28T14:11:20-04:00

DET1 will make the determination of where/when selected students will attend based on availability and schedule.

If my son is selected for the Aim High Flight Academy, what are my costs (airfare, lodging, meals, etc)?2021-10-28T14:11:42-04:00

Transportation, training, and meals will be paid for by the program; however, we recommend bringing additional funds for procurement of personal/desired items during weekend trips or morale runs to stores

I would like to know can the nominating organization can be an organization like The Young Eagles, or the Arizona National Guard? Please let us know. Thanks2021-10-28T14:12:55-04:00

Young Eagles and the Arizona National Guard are both acceptable nominating organizations.

Hello! I read through the FAQ’s, however, I want to see if there are options that would fit our situation. Is there a program like this that is available for teens that do not meet the grade requirements? My son needs something positive to look forward to. He has always been very interested in flying. This would be life changing for him. Any options? Thank you,2021-10-28T14:13:42-04:00

I would recommend engaging with our partner organizations to find a program that would suit your son’s age range.

How will the initial application be submitted? Do I need to print anything out for signatures also pertaining to the initial application?2021-10-28T14:14:33-04:00

You must download, complete, sign, scan, and submit the application on the AHFA website.

My son is applying for the Aim High program. Is the Recommending Organization referral required? If so, can it be a member of the organization or only from the organization itself? How would one go about that?2021-10-28T14:15:19-04:00

A recommendation is required and it may come from a member of the organization.

Good morning, I have a question regarding the nominating organizations part of the application. How would it work in order to get a nomination from one of the organizations if I have never been affiliated with them? Would I need to become a member first? Thank you2021-10-28T14:15:50-04:00

I recommend that you meet with the organization representative in your local area and ask for an interview with them.

Hi I would like to know if I could still participate in the program if I’m not in ROTC? I’ve done ROTC in high school but I’m not doing it during college.2021-10-28T14:16:55-04:00

College students must be enrolled at the USAFA or in AFROTC

Regarding the recommendations: at the bottom of the page(s), there’s a line that states “__ I recommend this student (typed name and date)” and then there’s a line next to it- what goes in that line? The typed student’s name and date? The typed signature of the person filling out the form and date? If so, then who’s name and date goes into the line directly below it? And should that be typed as well? Should an actual signature be included? Thank you in advance for your clarification.2021-10-28T14:17:25-04:00

The name at the bottom of p.4 would be that of the student. The Principal would simply input their data at the top; no need for a signature as DET1 will contact the Principal for verification.

AFJROTC is listed as one of the nominating organizations. Is an AFROTC Detachment an acceptable nominating organization too?2021-10-28T14:17:47-04:00

Yes, AFROTC Detachments are acceptable sources for nominations.

Does my GPA have to be 3.0 when I apply or do I have time to raise it as long as it is 3.0 before the start of the program?2021-01-14T10:01:59-05:00

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA at time you submit your application.

Alcon, Although I am not 23 years old quite yet, I will be here soon (prior to application dateline). Does that automatically impedes me from applying to this program?2021-10-28T14:18:10-04:00

Unfortunately, the age limit for this program in non-waiverable at 23.

Is the final page a recommendation from anyone who is a part of those groups or do you have to be a member of the group. It’s a little unclear and I am trying to figure out how to complete page 7. We have several contacts who are members of the groups and know our child, but I am not sure if that is what you are looking for.2021-10-28T14:18:35-04:00

Yes, p.7 must be completed by an organization listed on page 8 or any nationally recognized leadership or aviation focused organization. Nominations may come from members of these organizations as well.

My son is quite interested in applying for the Aim High Flight Academy. He is currently in the Civil Air Patrol, and loves it! Might you have dates for when the Flight Academy would take place? And also the cost? Thank you in advance for your time and help!2021-10-28T14:19:00-04:00

Academy dates are listed under Academy Details. Transportation, training, and meals will be paid for by the program; however, we recommend bringing additional funds for procurement of personal/desired items during weekend trips

My son is class of 2025 at USAFA and only has 3 weeks of during the summer and all of your sessions last 4 weeks. Does USAFA make exceptions to accepted candidates?2021-10-28T14:19:19-04:00

USAFA cadets are welcome to apply to attend our program. The Air Force Academy works with the cadet to determine their summer schedule in conjunction with AHFA attendance.

Our son is interested in the AIM High Flight Academy program for the 2022 summer. Would a recommendation from his high school Academic Decathlon teacher (the United States Academic Decathlon (USAD)) qualify as one of the “nationally recognized Leadership programs” for his “Nominating Organization Recommendation” portion of the application?2021-10-28T14:19:55-04:00

I am so glad to hear that your son is interested in our program! USAD would definitely qualify as a nationally recognized leadership program.

My son has glider and private pilot rating. Would he qualify for this training? Do you offer advanced flight training?2021-10-28T14:20:15-04:00

He can apply as long as he meets the application requirements. This program is not an advanced flight training program. I would recommend you reach out to our partner organizations to find advanced flight training opportunities for your son.

We have an aspiring aviator in our AFJROTC program that has a current application for the JROTC Flight Academy and is also interested in applying for this program in the event that he is not selected for the JROTC Flight program. The candidate received communication from AFRS Flight Academy concerning his interest in the AIM HIGH program and indicated that an application will be provided through JROTC. Just following up on this to ensure that this is a dual path to being selected and that AIM HIGH will be a separate application process2020-12-18T16:00:55-05:00

Aim High will be a separate application.

Will there be future AHFAs besides the one in 2021?2020-12-18T15:49:50-05:00

Yes, AHFA will continue through 2025!

Hello, my daughter filled out the preliminary website application. When should she expect further information?2020-12-29T16:45:25-05:00

AFRS Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

If I attend this camp, am I obligated to serve in the Air Force?2021-01-13T16:38:39-05:00

There is no service obligation with AHFA.

How do training times work? Will they be after school for most people or on the weekends? Where do the trainings take place? I want to apply but I am worried that this will interfere with other activities I do outside of school.2021-01-14T10:33:27-05:00

AHFA will be a full, everyday, 3 week program at the AMS training site (Milton, FL) during one of the three time-lines identified on this website.

At the end of the flight academy, do you get your private pilot license?2021-01-14T10:34:38-05:00

No; you will receive up to 15 hours flight training under Part 61. A private pilot license will require additional training beyond this program. 

If accepted into the program, will those selected be able to choose which session they are able to attend?2021-01-14T10:37:49-05:00

AFRS Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

I followed the application though the JROTC website. Does that mean I applied for the JROTC flight academy? If so what do I need to differently to finish applying for AIM HIGH? Thanks for your help2021-02-04T13:52:26-05:00

This application is for the AHFA only.

I would like a status update on my application2021-09-14T15:55:18-04:00

All selected applicants will be notified.

How many training academies are there?2020-11-18T15:15:57-05:00

Three trainings will run in the summer of 2021, each with 24 students.

Where is AIM HIGH Flight Academy?2020-11-18T15:18:17-05:00

AIM HIGH Flight Academy is located in Milton, Florida, at Peter Prince Field, about 30 miles outside of Pensacola, Florida. It is within one hour driving from Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field, Florida.

What type of aircraft is used for training?2020-11-18T15:17:57-05:00

Students will train in a Cessna 172L/M/N, at a ratio of one aircraft to four students.

For planning consideration, what time will students be released on the last day of the program? What day and time will students be taken to the airport?2021-09-14T15:59:29-04:00

The AIM Hight Flight Academy staff will inform all the students of pertinent information via AHFA Newsletter, telecons, etc.,

Is food included while I’m at AIM HIGH Flight Academy?2020-11-18T15:17:27-05:00

Yes, meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinners, as well as snacks. Dietary restrictions should be noted on your application.

Where will students be housed?2020-11-18T15:17:06-05:00

All attendees for the AIM HIGH Flight Academy are lodged at a hotel within ten miles of the airfield.

When is the application deadline?2021-01-14T09:52:51-05:00

The deadline is December 31.

How much does it cost to apply?2020-11-18T15:16:21-05:00

There is no fee to apply, however applications will require a nomination from your school staff, GPA verification, and one character reference.

For the nominating organizations, can it be from a local chapter of the organization?2021-10-01T17:01:18-04:00


When is the deadline for the application?2021-10-01T17:02:36-04:00

11/5/2021 12:00:00 AM

Will passing the FAA written exam prior to attending AHFA disqualify me?2021-10-01T17:04:18-04:00


Is there a physical requirement to join. If so what is the requirement2021-10-01T17:04:51-04:00

Must pass FAA Class III Medical

Would it be possible to get a nomination from an Air Force base Aero Club?2021-10-01T17:05:19-04:00

Yes, an Air Force Base Aero Club is considered a nationally recognized aviation or leadership program.

My high school student, who is very interested in this program, is active in his high school MCJROTC. Is it helpful to include a recommendation from his CO, even though that is not on your nominating organization list?2021-10-01T17:05:42-04:00

Yes, a recommendation form a MCJROTC instructor is considered a nationally recognized leadership program.

My son is interested in applying for the program. If the nominating organization recommendation is required, do you have a member of the organization fill it out or does it need to come from the organization itself?2021-10-07T14:10:18-04:00

The organization must fill out page 8 (nominating form) and provide it back to you for submission with the rest of the application.

Are the only organizations listed allowed to nominate? Or can nomination come from school/teacher?2021-10-07T14:10:59-04:00

Yes. A nationally recognized leadership and/or aviation program can nominate students

I got a confirmation from the website my application was received. What is the next step in the application process? When should I expect to be notified to submit the rest of the application materials such as the letter of recommendation and additional info?2020-11-18T15:13:37-05:00

Recommending organizations or the Air Force Recruiting Service Detachment 1 will contact applicants with further direction and information.

I am home schooled so I cannot get a high school principal verification or recommendation. Is it still possible for me to apply? Is there an alternative?2021-10-07T14:12:32-04:00

For those who are homeschooled, your instructor may certify your GPA is correct and provide a recommendation.

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Students interested in the AIM HIGH Flight Academy program should fill out this preliminary application.
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